It’s that thing inside you that says “That there. I want that. And I’m going after it.” It’s an impulse which has great potential, because of its ability to motivate and push us. But toward what? Consider what ambitions you have within the world of dance. How about the ambitions you have for yourself outside the world of dance? Are they related? Can your progress in one help you achieve more in the other?


These are the questions which inspire us at Velocity in 2022. We are excited to be moving forward as a Dance Convention, and we are excited to see all of the various trajectories our guests and attendees are taking, both within the dance world and community, and beyond!


To explore this theme this year, Velocity will be hosting guest speakers with unique insights and perspectives on this topic. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from successful individuals within the world of dance about how their ambitions lead them to exciting places in dance and in life, and how the same can be true for you! 


What exciting places can your ambitions take you?


Embrace yours at Velocity Dance Convention 2022!

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