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Inspiring the next generation of dancers is the #1 goal at Velocity.

Our faculty is made up of some of the world’s most gifted teachers and choreographers, all of whom are dedicated to helping students of dance achieve their goals and ambitions. In addition to our commitment to providing unparalleled dance education, Velocity also caters to the needs and interests of students and parents outside the ballroom by offering seminars on important topics like choosing the right college, health and fitness, self confidence, and much more. We also offer several seminars on topics of particular relevance to studio owners and dance teachers.


Our sincere hope is that everyone who attends a Velocity event moves forward on their journey with dance with a renewed sense 

of inspiration, as well as the motivation to boldly pursue their dreams.


The Directors, Faculty, Assistants, and Staff of Velocity would all like to Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to connect and share in the learning experience with you. We hope that your passion for dance will shine even more brilliantly following one of our events, and that the memories you make with us continue to inspire you for years to come.

Cory and Eve have known one another since childhood. Both grew up studying dance and attending conventions together in St. Louis, Mo. Cory began his professional dance career at 18, earning numerous credits and accolades in the industry before his love of photography inspired him to found CEVENTPICS in 2005. Meanwhile Eve graduated Webster University, earning a BFA in dance and choreography along with an MA in management and leadership, before beginning her own professional dance career. Though their work led them in different directions, Cory and Eve remained good friends, dreaming about the day they might collaborate on something special. Opportunity struck in 2012 with the launch of the first season of Velocity Dance Convention. 


Today, Velocity is going into its 12th Season, having grown over the years through the business and support of hundreds of gifted young dancers, and that of their parents and mentors. The passion and belief in the value of what Velocity has to offer on the part of the dance community has enabled this convention to inspire thousands of hearts and minds throughout the United States over the years. It has exceeded Cory and Eve’s hopes and humbled them to learn just how much this platform means to students of dance nationwide. They are thrilled to continue their journey with Velocity Dance Convention and welcome you to the 2024 Season!

Eve Mason-O'Malley & Cory Jones
Owners & Directors

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