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REGISTRATION  NOW OPEN - Closes may 20th 


  •  All Major Credit Cards and Studio Checks are accepted as forms of payment. No personal Checks are excepted. No Exceptions.

  • All returned checks are subject to a $35.00 fee.

  • Season Finale payment deadline is June 1st


  •  This season we are asking for deposits from each studio that are registering routines. The deposit amount is determined by the range of routines each studio registers.

  • It will be an additional $50 per every added increment of 9 dances.


  • All studios must make a deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  • Letter size envelopes only please. No boxes or large envelopes that need to be signed for.

Make all checks payable to:

Velocity Dance Convention
480 W Meats Ave.

Orange, CA. 92865


  • All entries are final and non-refundable.  No exceptions.


  • There must be 3+ routines in each pro-am division to qualify for cash awards.

  • All age categories are based off of the average age in each duo/trio or group. To reach the average age, add the ages of all the dancers together, then divide by the number of dancers in the routine.

  • Names, ages, and birth dates of all dancers must appear in the registration system, or it will not be accepted.

  • In the unlikely event a dancer’s age needs verification, Birth Certificates must be available upon request.

  • All ages, Convention & Competition, are determined as of January 1st, 2024. (For example: Ages for November 2023 events will be as of January 1st 2024, and ages for March 2024 events will be as of January 1st 2024).


  • For Season Finale, dancers may compete their solo or duo/trio without a full studio attending. However, a dancer still must meet the following criteria to compete: 

  • Dancer must be registered under a valid studio, with permission from the studio that the student can attend and compete. 

  • Dancer must have qualified at a Regional event during the 2024 season. If a dancer did not qualify at a Regional event, but has permission from the studio to compete the student can pre-qualify the first day of the event. 

  • In order to compete, a dancer must be registered for Season Finale convention classes as a full attendee. 


  • Competing dancers may enter in as many categories as they please, but are not allowed to compete against themselves.  Numbers entered in the same category must have a 50% change in participants.

  • All ages, Convention & Competition, are determined as of January 1st, 2024. (For example: Ages for November 2023 events will be as of January 1st 2024, and ages for March 2024 events will be as of January 1st 2024).

  • Dancer's must have pre-qualified their routines and must be registered under a valid studio in order to compete.

  • No competition entries will be confirmed unless full payment has been received by the deadline. If competition entries have been entered into the system they will be deleted if not fully paid for by the 4 week deadline. You must pay a deposit before entering any competition routines into the online system.

  • All convention and competition entries must be postmarked by the cut-off deadline. If competition limit is reached before this deadline, no further entries will be accepted. *Entries are accepted in the order they are received.​

  • No entries will be accepted via email.

  • No entries will be accepted by fax or phone.

  • All entries must be registered by the registration cut-off date May 15th 2023. (Information located under tour dates)

  • We do not offer live streaming of our competition. We do this to protect the artistry of the choreographer and the safety of the dancers. 

  • Velocity Dance Convention is not responsible for any awards that are not picked up at the event. They will not be mailed out.

  • Prop set up cannot be longer than 1 min 

  • Holding dances out of performance order to run routines or other circumstances that are in your control will result in point deductions. Circumstances such as injuries or illness will not receive any point deductions. 


  • If you are registered as an “Independent”, you are not eligible to compete a solo.

  • In order to compete a solo, you must be registered under a valid studio name, and your studio owner or director must register you.


  • Each studio will be allowed to compete a maximum amount of routines based on the information below. If a studio does not reach the number of participants listed below they may enter a maximum of 50 entries total. The 50 routines may also include solos. ONLY 1 solo per dancer.

  • Studios entering 50-59 students: May enter 55 competition entries

  • Studios entering 60-69 students: May enter 60 competition entries

  • Studios entering 70-79 students: May enter 65 competition entries

  • Studios entering 80+ students: Please call Velocity office at 818-416-1161. City limits may vary.


  • All music MUST be uploaded 48 hours prior to each event. You may upload your music online under the competition portion of your online registration

  • NEW - We will no longer accept music at the event.

  • All music must be submitted as:  .mp3, .m4a, or .aif

  • No CDs will be accepted, even as backups.

  • Teachers should have a back-up for every entry on hand, in case the primary FlashDrive does not work. We will no longer accept music via iPhones or any other means besides uploaded into your media manager online.

  • The only accepted form of a back up is on a FlashDrive.



  • All entries receiving a Gold award or higher, will be eligible for the 2024 Velocity Dance Convention Season Finale held at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • All ties will be broken; first by the technique score, second by the performance score, and third by a judges’ poll.

  • In addition to the adjudicated awards, an overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award will be given to the entries with the highest score in each division: Mini, Junior, Intermediate, Teen, Senior, and Pro-Am.

  • Choreography awards will be presented to the most outstanding choreography in the Mini/Junior/Intermediate and Teen/Senior divisions.


  • General props are permitted.  Ceiling heights vary in each venue.  Please contact the Velocity Dance Convention Office if you are concerned with the size of a prop.

  • No dangerous props (Examples: fire, swords, guns, sparklers, etc.)

  • No use of live animals.


  • Photography and Video recording from any media devices (i.e. digital cameras, cell phones, SLR’s, Flip, etc.) is strictly prohibited during classes and competition. This is to enforce the children’s safety and privacy, as well as protecting the work of choreographers and faculty.  We offer professional photo and video services at each of our events.

  • Please visit the media booth, CEVENTPICS, onsite and inquire about studio package discounts. All Photo and Video may be ordered at each event location or online for Sunday pickup.

  • Any guest not complying with these procedures will lead in point deductions and could result in disqualification. No Exceptions.


  • Professional audio including on stage monitors and professional lighting for all performance routines.

  • Tap mics will be located downstage during the competition.

  • Props can be loaded in during specific times and we will have a designated room for prop storage.


  • No changes may be made to competition entries two weeks prior to the convention. No exceptions.

  • Dancers may compete in more than one city per season.  However, each routine may only be competed at one regional city per season if the routine placed in top ten overalls.

  • Routines must be age appropriate, and suitable for family viewing.  If judges deem routine inappropriate, point deduction or disqualification may occur.

  • General lifts are permitted.

  • Teachers are not permitted to perform with students.

  • Competing dancers must perform in their scheduled order, unless permission is given by Velocity Dance Convention to hold a number to allow time for costume changes.  No Exceptions.

  • Competition order will not be altered to allow for rehearsal time, or pre-performance run-thrus. This can lead to point deduction or disqualification of the routine. No Exceptions.

  • Decisions made by the judges are final.

  • Velocity Dance Convention is not responsible for any awards that are not picked up at the event. They will not be mailed out.

  • Admission to the competition is free.

  • There will be reserved seating for all teachers with competing numbers.

  • Visual coaching is strictly prohibited

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