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We are pleased to introduce the Velocity Studio Experience - our brand new virtual offering which is able to operate regardless of restrictions or public health conditions. It is incredibly important to us at Velocity that students who attend our events have experiences which inspire them to continue their dance journey. We hope that each dancer receives a sense of motivation and encouragement from our events, and we believe strongly that personal connections help to impart some of that magic. With that being said, we have chosen to embrace the use of technology and online platforms to enable us to continue to create those kinds of special experiences, even if we cannot physically be in the same location. 


Studios will receive classes/seminars solely for your studio. These classes will be held in a way where our Velocity Faculty can see each of your dancers take class.

Each age division will receive 5 hours of classes/seminars, with the opportunity for various scholarship opportunities.


Classes will be held according to Velocity’s age divisions:

Minis, Juniors, Teens, Seniors*. 

*various rules apply




You may select to upload a previous performance or perform in the comfort of your home studio.

Dancers will be able to receive one on one immediate feedback from our Velocity faculty of judges. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive suggestions tailored specifically for them about their routine. 

We are welcoming solos, duo/trios, and all group performances.



The Velocity Studio Experience also offers parents peace of mind regarding registering their child for our events, guaranteeing that all registered dancers will have the opportunity to participate in an enriching educational and performance experience. 



The Velocity Studio Experience is offered exclusively to studios. The minimum number of students required to attend the Velocity Studio Experience is 25. However, we are happy to help group up studios who would like to attend and have fewer than the minimum number of registrants.


This experience will have a separate registration that is listed as “City Name | Velocity Studio Experience”. In order to access this registration, you will need to be given a password generated by Velocity.


In each city, we will not be collecting fees for the Velocity Studio Experience until a live event has been fully canceled. If the event city is canceled prior to the payment deadline of 2 weeks, then fees for the Velocity Studio Experience will be collected at that city’s live event payment deadline. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis. 

In order to ensure a quality experience for all studios we do have to limit the amount of studios that can register for each Velocity Studio Experience. Registration for these virtual events will also be done on a first come, first served basis. 


If a studio is unable to successfully register for this virtual option during their event city weekend, they may schedule a Velocity Studio Experience at a separate time that does not conflict with our 2021 Season Dates by contacting us via email HERE.


Scholarships and credits will be redeemable for the Velocity Studio Experience.

The value of the scholarship determines the amount that may be applied toward the cost of a VSE event.


If the value of the scholarship is greater than the cost of the VSE, the scholarship holder will retain a credit for the difference which they may apply toward another virtual or in-person Velocity event in the future.

Velocity will keep records of all scholarship credits for each studio.


We would just like to take a moment to say a heart-felt thank you to the dancers, parents, and studio owners who have demonstrated extraordinary flexibility and understanding in the face of instability and uncertainty.


Because of your ongoing support, Velocity will continue to facilitate a safe environment where perfecting and performing the art of dance, and above all, building meaningful experiences and impactful memories is paramount--online or in person. 

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