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Gala tickets go on sale June 17th, 2023

July 1st

MVA Orientation Meeting

MVA Solos

MVA Auditions

MVA Headshots

MVA Rehearsals




Mini MVA Solos

Junior MVA Solos

Intermediate MVA Solos

Season Finale Teen Solos and Duo/Trios

July 2nd

MVA Solos

MVA Auditions

MVA Headshots

MVA Rehearsals




Intermediate MVA Solos continued

Teen MVA Solos

Senior MVA Solos

Season Finale Mini Solos and Duo/Trios

Junior Small Groups

Season Finale Intermediate Solos

July 3rd 

Emerging Artist Rehearsals Begin

Mini, Junior, Intermediate Industry Night

*Possible MVA Rehearsals




Season Finale Junior Solos

Senior Duo/Trios

Teen Small Groups

Teen Large Groups

Teen Lines

Teen Ext. Lines

Teen Productions

Teen Ext. Time Productions

Senior Small Groups

Senior Large Groups

Senior Lines

Senior Productions

July 4th 

First Day of Convention Classes

*Possible MVA Rehearsals




Junior Productions

Intermediate Duo/Trios

Intermediate Small Groups

Intermediate Large Groups

Intermediate Lines

Intermediate Ext. Lines

Intermediate Productions

Season Finale Senior Solos

Season Finale Pro-Am Solos

July 5th

Second Day of Convention Classes

Teen and Senior Industry Night 

*Possible MVA Rehearsals




Mini Small Groups

Mini Large Groups

Mini Lines

Mini Ext. Lines

Mini Productions

Junior Duo/Trios

Junior Large Groups

Junior Lines

Junior Ext. Lines

July 6th

Last day of Convention Classes

Faculty Show: Scholarships, Emerging Artists Perform, MVAs perform without the guest artist

Wrap Party 

*Possible MVA Rehearsals

July 7th

College Auditions

MVA Rehearsals

Gala Night 

*Gala Tickets will go on sale on June 17th

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