Now that some areas of the country are returning to "business as normal" while others remain under stricter public health guidelines, the event-based industry is facing new challenges when it comes to making decisions about when and how to hold events.  We would like to provide you with an update about how operations at Velocity will proceed.


Naturally, it is in everyone's best economic interests if events are able to take place as scheduled. However everyone's best health interests may necessitate cancellations or postponements, depending on the public health conditions in destination cities. Velocity's top priority has always been the safety and well-being of the dancers, parents, and studio owners who attend our events. Therefore, Velocity will not be hosting live events in locations which are deemed high-risk or where local health guidelines would require significant restrictions to be placed on participants and attendees. 



All registrations must be submitted 4 weeks prior to each event. 

Registration for Velocity’s 2020-2021 season is NOW OPEN!


Even when restrictions begin to lift, we will still limit the number of participants at our events in order to safeguard everyone’s health and well-being. Therefore, we will have limited registration space for each city in every age division. Available registration space will be determined by the size of the ballroom at the venue in the destination city. It has always been our practice to consider the size of the physical space of the venue when creating registration spaces, however presently, in order to comply with guidelines of public health officials, we must limit the total number of registrants more than usual. 

Securing placement for live events will be on a first come, first served basis. Our system will not allow registrations for each age division beyond a fixed percentage of ballroom capacity for each city. As public health guidelines continue to fluctuate, availability of registration space may increase, so please bear in mind that this is a fluid situation which is subject to change. 


All payments must be submitted 2 weeks prior to each event. 

We understand that parents and studios may have concerns about registering for events which may be cancelled depending on public health conditions. It is for this reason that no fees associated with Velocity registration will be collected until 2 weeks prior to the date of the event.


Velocity will be waiving all late fees for the 2020-2021 season.



If the live event is not able to take place during the 2021 Season, we will be offering full refunds to all registered attendees.  

Any registrant who is unable to attend a live event due to illness will receive a full refund.

A doctor’s note must be provided.


If a registrant chooses to withdraw from a live event that is able to take place for reasons other than illness, a refund will not be provided.




Since the possibility exists that live events may need to be canceled, Velocity is launching the Velocity Studio Experience, a virtual convention and performance experience just for your studio. 


We are pleased to introduce the Velocity Studio Experience - our brand new virtual offering which is able to operate regardless of restrictions or public health conditions. It is incredibly important to us at Velocity that students who attend our events have experiences which inspire them to continue their dance journey. We hope that each dancer receives a sense of motivation and encouragement from our events, and we believe strongly that personal connections help to impart some of that magic. With that being said, we have chosen to embrace the use of technology and online platforms to enable us to continue to create those kinds of special experiences, even if we cannot physically be in the same location. 

For more information about our Velocity Studio Experience CLICK HERE.




Velocity is dedicated to providing the safest environment for all those in attendance at our events. We are closely monitoring federal public health statements regarding Covid-19 prevention, as well as those of state and local governments at our destination cities. As recommendations about best health practices develop and evolve, we will make changes as needed to ensure we are in compliance with the most up to date guidelines. We are also working with venues to determine how our policies and procedures regarding public health can enhance and complement their own. Though the list below is not exhaustive, these are some of the more prominent safety protocols we have added to safeguard and protect the health of everyone at our live events:



In order to ensure that there is enough physical space to maintain social distance for all persons at Velocity events, we have reduced the number of registration spaces by 50% of original ballroom capacity. As restrictions lift, there is a possibility of allowing more registrants for cities. 


Velocity will ensure that a distance of 6ft is maintained between each dancer during classes by applying a grid to the ballroom floor. This grid will be taped out in each ballroom level. Each registered dancer will choose their own box to use within this grid during the convention. In lieu of Faculty Introductions, all registered dancers will report to their ballrooms where Velocity staff will help them find their designated studio area.



At this time, mask are REQUIRED for all convention classes and when you are in the event space. NO EXCEPTIONS! Mask also must be worn when traveling to / from the dressing room to the backstage area during competition. Mask are now required to be worn at all times by all Velocity staff members. *Please know that a mask requirement for each city can change at any time. Any participant refusing to follow our guidelines will not be permitted to the event. 


Velocity already has a no observer policy for the Junior, Teen and Senior ballrooms. However, we will now be eliminating observers in the Mini Ballroom. Observers can view the classroom from our Velocity monitors outside the ballroom. Velocity will be limiting the number of individuals allowed to observe classes in the Velocity viewing areas. We ask that each studio have a teacher or representative assigned to the Mini & Junior ballrooms at all times. 


All merchandise can be purchased online HERE and available for pickup at the merchandise area shortly after. All other sales taking place at Velocity events will accept credit cards and Apple Pay only.



Velocity will not be holding live award ceremonies in order to reduce the amount of contact between individuals at our events. Instead, we will be broadcasting competition award presentations via live stream, which can be viewed directly on our home page. This live streamed ceremony will include only competition awards. For our faculty show and scholarship presentation, Velocity will be sending a link to registered attendees after the event to allow studios to hold a scholarship ceremony with their students while enjoying our faculty show. Studio owners may pick up their competition & scholarship awards at the registration desk  on Sunday.


Ballroom Doors will be open to reduce touchpoints.


For the first time ever, Velocity will broadcast a live stream of our competition. This will be available for free to any family or friends who would like to enjoy the show from home. We encourage all interested parties to take advantage of this option for showing your support for your student or studio! 



Velocity will be limiting the amount of spectators for competition. As with our convention classes, the number of individuals allowed in a ballroom will be based on social distancing requirements and the ballroom’s square footage in each city.  Spectators will be on a first come, first served basis. Studio Owners and Teachers will have priority as well as a section specifically for them in competition. We will be requiring all spectators to wear a mask during competition. Velocity will also have a livestream available for anyone who cannot enjoy the competition live. 



Velocity will be conducting studio block scheduling for competition entries. Please note that studios can perform on both Friday and Saturday pending studio registration entries.



Dressing room space will be limited and assigned by Velocity. Velocity staff will provide the same floor grid within the dressing rooms that will also be used on ballroom floors so that social distancing can be maintained. All dressing rooms will be cleaned before and after each studio uses them.



Evaluation of costumes will proceed such that no points will be deducted for the inclusion of face coverings, gloves, or other protective equipment. Further, no points will be deducted from the scores of studios who choose not to use costumes for their routines. In the case that costumes are not used, we suggest that all dancers wear black attire or another uniform color when on stage.



Velocity Dance Convention will no longer store props for the 2021 season. This will eliminate traffic backstage so that we can maintain social distancing requirements. 


Independent dancers are unable to receive MVA scholarships but are eligible for other scholarships. 

Floors in the venue will be cleaned and disinfected periodically throughout the event. 


In addition to all measures Velocity staff and employees are taking to ensure safe and healthy conditions during our live events, each venue has reported that it will be following enhanced cleaning protocols as well.


Velocity is asking that any attendee of our events (staff, students, parents, etc.) who is experiencing flu-like symptoms will please stay home. Any registrant who is unable to attend a live event due to illness will be eligible to receive a full refund by providing a doctor’s note.


Velocity encourages everyone to please wash your hands thoroughly several times during the course of a day. Reminder signs will be posted throughout the event space.


Velocity staff will receive daily body temperature checks to ensure that all employees are physically well. Velocity will be requiring that each participant has their temperature checked prior to entering each ballroom. If an individual has a fever, they will respectfully be asked to leave the event immediately. Should any guest feel unwell at any time, we will also happily check their temperature for them.



We encourage all attendees to bring water bottles to remain hydrated during our events. Availability of public drinking fountains and water stations has been removed in many destination cities in order to reduce the number of areas where a high volume of people might gather.