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NOVEMBER 6-8, 2020



Erie County, which has jurisdiction where our Buffalo event was to take place, has mandated a 50 person limit per event for scheduled events during the timeframe Velocity would have been in New York. Please note that Velocity has confirmed with officials in the Erie County health department that the restriction on the number of guests is indeed 50 individuals per event. 


Velocity's primary concern continues to be the safety and wellbeing of our students and their families and guests. Now, it is more important than ever to observe an abundance of caution in scheduling and hosting in-person events in our industry. Though we would like nothing better than to hold our event live and in person, we simply cannot do so while maintaining compliance with Erie County health directives.


For the November 6-8, 2020 weekend we will be moving forward with our new

Velocity Studio Experience a virtual convention & performance experience.

This experience is individualized and offered solely to studios.



We understand that parents and studios may have concerns about registering for events which may be canceled depending on public health conditions. It is for this reason that no fees associated with Velocity registration will be collected until 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. If the event is not able to take place during the 2021 Season we will be offering full refunds to all registered attendees.  

Any registrant who is unable to attend a live event due to illness will receive a full refund. A doctor’s note must be provided.

If a registrant chooses to withdraw from a live event that is able to take place for reasons other than illness, a refund will not be provided.